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north america auto show it begins today. they have undergone a facelift of their own. this year pontiac and saturn have disappeared. gm and chrysler have gone through bailouts. no longer is there a big three in the auto industry. some now call it the medium six. >> in many respects americans feel that toyota and honda and nissan are as american as general motors and chrysler and ford. at ford sales rose versus a year ago, and at this detroit dealership they just want a better year. we will see how it goes. >>> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful. >>> yesterday miami had a record low broke one set back in 1970. this morning a brand new record at 36 it brokes the record set back in 1927. so, we are sitting on cold, that they have not seen in 83 years in southern florida. 33 west palm, 26 in tampa and below freezing from orlando up through daytona beach. back home ranging from 19 here in town, to 9 in pittsburg, that's the core of the cold air, the cloud is rolling in and snow shower, it will try to reach up typically from this particular,
was that most stores didn't have to slash prices this year. >>> some workers at bank of america could collect bonuses this year close to what they got in 2007 before the financial crisis. the "wall street journal" reports the big payouts are an attempt to prevent top people from leaving and also a sign of the bank's quick rebound. b of a was aided by $45 billion of taxpayer money until last month. november was a record setting month for the airlines. 88.6% of flights arrived on time that month. the highest percentage ever. it wasn't all good news for the industry. fewer travelers meant less traffic in terminals and runways. >>> a major milestone for hybrid cars. the toyota prius was the top selling car, the first time a hybrid has held that spot. >>> general motors first mass produced electrical battery rolled off the assembly line in michigan. it will power the shervely volt scheduled to hit show rooms in november. >>> coming up on "good morning america," five diets five success stories. we'll tell you how they lost 700 pounds collectively. that's on gma. that's your money scope report. i
. >> reporter: can you read it? >> i would prefer oe-mail it to you. >> reporter: we then called bank of america. we're calling about rate hikes. >> david, i'm just getting ready to dial into a call. can i get your e-mail address if? because i can send you something. >> reporter: is there anything you can say to consumers to reassure them you won't raise rates before the -- >> we'll e-mail you back, ok? >> reporter: these actions, they say are necessary given customers are not paying back loans and regulatory changes. bank of america e-mailed they are not raising rates unless the account is late on two or more payments. we turned to the bankers association so ask why the new rates before the new laws can take effect. they say consumers are getting fair warning. >> they get 45 days' advanced notice, it gives them lots of time to get another card and option to decline the increase. >> reporter: but if they decline that rate in many cases they've been dumped. >> there's still a lot of competition, solicitations in the mail and customers can move to a competitor. >> reporter: we did call the bank th
around the world. >>> the man who introduced mexican cuisine to main stream america died. glen bell founded taco bell. he started by selling tacos from his hamburger stand in 1951. after opening several other mexican restaurants the first taco bell opened in california in 1962. the chain has grown to more than 5,600 locations. glen bell was 86 years old. >>> wall street goes back to work today after the long holiday weekend. investors will be focusing on earnings this week with dozens of top companies issuing their latest status reports. among the ones to watch, ibm, starbuck's, google, general electric and mcdonald's. we'll also hear from several of the big wall street banks. they report earnings and bonuses. >>> you can add american to the list of airlines raising baggage fees. it's hiking its charge for checked bags by $5 for tickets bought after february 1st. the first checked bag will now cost $25. the second will be $35. most major carriers have raised prices in recent weeks. >>> on a report, it finds men get a bigger financial boost from marriage than women. that's a big shif
today and there could be fireworks. chief executives from goldman sachs, jpmorgan, and bank of america will be grilled. the panel plans to interview hundreds of people before issuing a report in december. >>> finding a job is about as difficult as it has ever been. new numbers show the competition is intensifying, with nearly 6.4 unemployed people for each job available at the end of november. and that is a record high. the reason for the increase is that more companies are reluctant to hire r new workers. the number of job openings was the second lowest on record. >>> the federal reserve has issued new rules to protect credit card user, it is harder to hike interest rates without warning, they can't bump up rates first year and must provide 45 days notice after that. they're also banned from increasing rates on existing balances in most cases. the new rules take effect on february 22nd. >>> google is threatening to stop doing business in china. the search giant says it has been the victim of highly sophisticated cyber attacks it suspected originated in china were aimed at chinese huma
. coming up on good morning america, simon cowell is leaving american idol after this season, can the hit show survive without him. that's on gma and that's your money scope report. >>> a 90 minute delay on the eastern shore in kent and queen ann's and now a few others. keep watching the bottom of the screen because less than an inch of snow is causing a big problem on the eastern shore this morning, of 34 back to 20 overnight with clearing skies. we will hit 40 tomorrow but build in clouds in the day and afternoon: but then we have more sun. on thursday 44, 48 on friday and we will stay in the 40s on saturday and while you see a mix there, it looks like it will be sunday evening through monday morning, the best chance of having that around and temperatures still trying to stay into the lower 40s during the afternoons. at 6:24, what's happening back ton roads. >>> aside from the normal congestion in some usual trouble spots traffic is looking okay around the area. this is heavy between the liberty road, we don't have any accidents working on 695 at this time. southbound 95 approaching r
at airports and suggesting passengers arrive early. >>> coming up on good morning america: the ins and outs of apple's new ipad. is it really a game-changer? that's on gma. that's your moneyscope report. i'm vinita nair. >>> cold air ushering in. a lot of you looking forward to or even fearing what could happen this weekend. there'll be arctic air pushing in and maybe pushing the storm to the south. 48 to 50 as our 2-degree guarantee midday. wind drops colder this afternoon. tomorrow, 30 and maybe a flurry. here's the deal. saturday, strong storms to the south. just on the edge of a chance of light snow. high only 25. 32, dry on sunday. >> traffic is still moving at speed at this stretch of the outer loop at harford road up towards the belair road and towards the 83s. southbound on the bw parkway, be advised there's a struck deer remains in the roadway near exit route 32, closer to the nsa exit. partially blocking the left lane. in wood lawn we have a crash remaining in the eastbound lanes of security boulevard as you approach the beltway. ohio avenue, closed in both directions because of p
each. >>> coming up on good morning america: how you can help the victims of the devastating earthquake in haiti while avoiding scammers. that's on gma and that's your moneyscope report. i'm vinita nair. >>> we're taking another look at this one. please stop what you're doing. after nearly two weeks stuck in the freeze box, we get temperatures back into the mid-40s today. 46 degrees our two-degree guaranteed high with full sunshine back into the mid-20s overnight. we can't escape the real chill during the overnight hours. back to about 50 tomorrow afternoon. look for increasing clouds and cooler set-up for the weekend. upper 40s on saturday. near 40 on sunday. storm comes up out of the south. could reach us with a mixture of rain around the bay. that sleet, snow set-up north and west of the city. because there's not a tremendous supply of really cold air, not a clear cut thing like we had the last couple storms. this one will be a close call. plan for sunday to be messy. dry out and stay cool. low 40s monday and tuesday. mid-30s, chance of light snow returning by wednesday. 6:24 now, he
. >>> coming up on "good morning america" -- tips to get your finances in order in the new year. five simple ways to cut costs and save thousands of dollars. that's on gma. that's your "moneyscope report." i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> 6:23. if you like watching sports and snow stay tuned. we have video about up with of those games -- about one of those games yesterday in the snow. we're looking at the extended forecast, the chance of a flurry or snow shower this afternoon. otherwise a fair mix of clouds and gusty winds, high of only 32. will feel like low 20s and we'll get back to low 20s tonight. tomorrow 33, 37 wednesday. thursday looks like we try to start clear, we pushed the old pattern out but the next one comes back in with a race of clouds. that will come back with a chance of snow and maybe accumulating snow on friday. much colder, highs only in the 20s next weekend. >>> 6:23. here's kim brown with a check on traffic. >> thank you. aside from the one crash we still have on scene in finksburg, gamber road and deerpark road, looking good around the area, ice reported in joppatowne around
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9